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Getting a new sign is a tough process where you’d need the help of an expert sign services provider such as Sign Assign to assist you in the process. Getting a sign permit is a significant hassle in installing your shiny new sign. Cities, counties, and municipalities have codes and ordinances governing areas such as sign design, installation, fabrication, and more.

Your building owner or property manager might also have rules you’d need to adhere to. Handling all such complex legwork can be a hassle. This is where we come into play. At Sign Assign, we have significant expertise in handling sign permits and installation. We will ensure you get the right permits for your signs and that the design meets the rules and standards of all governing bodies.

Now, requirements vary from city to city; here are some general paperwork and items needed to obtain a permit:

Your business licenses
Your tenancy agreement if leasing out a building
An agreement with a licensed sign contractor who’ll apply for a permit
Documents outlining the size of the sign and locations where it will be installed
Documents mentioning the method of installation and other necessary methods of construction.

Once we receive your permits, we will kickstart the production and installation process. We will ensure that you get your sign in no time. Sign Assign is committed to providing quality and affordable services that meet your unique needs and requirements. With us, you’re in safe hands!

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