Our team of professionals take care of permitting, installation, removal, service and repair of signs for local and businesses across the nation.

Are you a Small Business or Multi Corporation and looking for Best Services?

As the name SignAssing reflects the image of the business to its customers, our highly trained design team can crate the logos and signs for the promotion of customer’s products. The signs look more vibrant and close to reality using metallic inks and other production techniques. We all the production equipment under one roof enabling us to deliver cheap signs, cheap banner and all other kinds of signs fast without compromising the quality. The original company was started in 2003 in Sacramento California, registered as Post-It, LLC in 2008, moved to Texas in 2011 and started DBA Sign Assign in Carrollton, Dallas Texas in Denton Country.

We Offer

Complete Wholesale Services

We offer wholesale services to the trade. Our qualified in-house designer can bring your ideas to life, our printer can produce vibrant prints, our skilled installers will bring your place alive with signs and graphics.

  • Concept and Design
  • Drawings and Permitting
  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Service & Repair
  • Removal or Relocation


Installation Services.

Sign Assign Dallas, Texas specializes in Sign Installation Dallas Texas. We use our professional sign installation team who are experts in installing Wholesale Channel letters Dallas Texas, Traffic Signs Dallas Texas, Neon signs Dallas Texas, LED Signs Dallas Texas, Electronic Signs Dallas Texas, Digital Printed Signs Dallas Texas, Full-Color Sign Dallas Texas, Business Signs Dallas Texas and many more.

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    Installation 01

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    Installation 02

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    Installation 03

  • repair1

    Service Repair 01

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    Service Repair 02

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    Service Repair 03


Service & Repair.

Sign Assign also offer existing Sign Repair. Often signs get damaged due to weather conditions or accidents. We repair your existing channel letters, and LED signs and refinishing them. We expertise in wiring and repairing lighting systems which will make your signs shine again and bring you back into the business.


Sign Removal

Mergers, takeovers, sale and growth changes the businesses. It keep evolving and so does their signage needs. Our skilled professionals can assist companies in removal or relocating their signs.

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    Remove 01

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    Remove 02

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    Remove 03