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Event Signs are used for promoting and organize a successful event.

Event Signs

Event Signs are used for promoting and organize a successful event. Sign Assign has helped many event organizers with their event signage needs. Pre-event signs are helpful to announce and bring the crowd to the event. A directional sign helps attendees to reach and navigate through the event.

Events Signs - Sign Assign
Menu Board - Sign Assign

Menu Boards

Menu Boards are used in Restaurants and fast food outlets. We custom design the menu boards. Contemporary style, old tavern look or basic lighted or non-lighted menu boards are manufactured at Sign Assign. We can also make Magnetic menu boards changers and backlit films. New varieties are added all the times in menu and prices change all the time in the restaurant. To change the whole menu boards is expensive and cumbersome to the owner. We make the boards that are easy to change and are economical.

POP Signs

POP Signs or Point of Purchase Signs is the signs we see at the checkout counters. The POP Signs entice customers to buy things at the last minute. Most popular items are candies and other stuff which are commonly not on the shopping list of groceries. They are also used to announce a new promotion, a new movie or remind customers to sign up for a sweepstake at the end of their shopping. It has been proven that POP Signs contribute 35% of the total sale.


Here at Sign Assign, we can help you bring your design to life! Whether you are trying to message your employees, customers, guests at an occasion, posters are a great way to be noticeable. Make everyone aware of your latest product, advertise your big occasion around town, or get something printed off for your bedroom wall. Sign Assign offers poster printing in a wide range of sizes, from the A3 to the very big 60 x 40! Here, any size is printable!

Product Label Stickers

Sign Assign can make label stickers for any product. We have exclusive designs and styles which are extremely great for labeling food jars, cosmetics, lip balm, gift boxes, soaps, even candles! Our custom product label stickers can be created in any size or shape of your choice, design in minutes and receive in as soon as possible, make an order in any quantity. Upload your logo and design your label stickers with our professional team.

Real Estate & Construction Signs - Sign Assign

Real Estate & Site Signs

Sign Assign is here to help your real estate business evolve. We design and manufacture eye-catching and professional real estate and site signs. We fully aware that builders and real estate agents rely solely on signs and graphics to communicate with their potential home purchasers.

Here, we have a wide array of real estate and site signs that will help your efforts and we ensure our signs will make your properties and sites stand out. With your choice of real estate and site signs, Sign Assign is here to help you plan well-coordinated graphics that will show your image of professionalism, communicate vital information to passersby and generate interest from prospective buyers in no time.

LED Message Boards

Have your message in all of the places it needs to be with colorful LED Message Boards from Sign Assign. Whether you want to get your shop noticed or advertise your business, LED Message Boards can attract lots of attention. Display opening times, special offers, and more to generate interest and communicate your message. Here, our LED Message Boards are customizable and come with a variety of options, including different colors, languages, and scrolling messages. Discover LED Message Boards at Sign Assign and get your business noticed in a blink of an eye.

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