Our Products

We offer wide range on indoor and outdoor signage products including Channel Letters, Pole & Pylon Signs, Banners, Vehicle Graphics, Window Graphics and much more...

We design and manufacture all type of Signs that promotes your ideas and creates brand recognition.

Sign Assign is focused to develop a long term business relationship with customers by providing high quality signage solutions. Our products are:

Channel Letters

Channel letters project a highly professional image of the business to the public. Owners are choosing Sign Assign across USA to manufacture quality channel letters for their businesses. We design, manufacture, install and service all types of signs, especially channel letter signs. Channel letters can be illuminated by using neon or LED. For the past few years LED illumination has become more popular than neon illumination because of low operational cost. The improvement in LED technology also outperforms neon illumination and consumes very less energy compared to neon signs making it more eco-friendly. Sign Assign can make channel letters in all 50 states in the USA using neon or LED.

  • Neon Sign - Sign Assign
    Neon Sign
  • Cabinet Box Sign - Sign Assign
    Cabinet Box Signs
  • Reverse lit channel letters - Sign Assing
    Reverse Lit Channel Letters
  • Wholesale Channel Letters - Sign Assign
    Wholesale Channel Letters
  • Retractable banner - sign assign
    Retractable Banner Stands & Tablecloth
  • Standoff Signs - sign assign
    Standoff Signs
  • ADA Sign - Sign Assign
    ADA Signs
  • A Frame - Sign Assign

Frame & Signs

Sign Assign has a broad selection of retractable banner stands and tablecloths. Whatever your retractable banner stands and tablecloth needs are, we have you covered!

Monument & Pylon Signs

Monument and Pylon Signs play a very important role in attracting the customers. Driving on a road and looking for a place to stay overnight or feeling hungry, trying to find somewhere to eat. Motel or Restaurant sign by the road will get that customer. It is a proven fact that businesses with monument and pylon signs do more sales than the businesses that don’t have those signs. It can be a single business or a multi-business sign.

  • Monument - Sign Assign
    Monument Sign
  • Pylon Sign - Sign Assign
    Pylon Signs
  • Pole Sign - Sign Assign
    Pole Signs
  • Digital Banner - Sign Assign
    Digital Printed Banners


There is no better way to get your message across than to have big, bold banners. Sign Assign in Dallas can help you design custom banners for any need. We are your source for banners in the USA.

Banner is very effective tool for businesses. It’s cheap and low cost makes marketing campaigns affordable. Banners can be used for many purposes. Launching a new product, a promotion, a sale or an event you attends or hosts, a custom banner can help spread your marketing message to masses.

Also, our banners are used for decorating personal parties or events such as housewarming, homecomings, birthdays, etc.

Wide Format Printing

Event Signs are used for promoting and organize a successful event. Sign Assign has helped many event organizers with their event signage needs. Pre-event signs are helpful to announce and bring the crowd to the event. A directional sign helps attendees to reach and navigate through the event.

  • Events Signs - Sign Assign
    Event & Signs
  • Menu Board - Sign Assign
    Menu Board
  • POP Sign - Sign Assign
    POP Signs
  • Construction - Sign Assign
    Real Estate and Construction Signs
  • Safety Signs - Sign Assign
    Safety Signs

Safety Signs

Safety signs in general and specially at work place are very essential. OSHA compliance and keeping the staff safe on the job is a priority for all businesses. Sign Assign can supply and install safety signs to keep your workplace safe and compliant.

Vehicle Graphics

Sign Assign offer Vehicle Decals Dallas Texas for all your needs. Get a huge variety of Bright, colorful, Ready-to-apply Custom Vehicle Decals Dallas Texas to turn your vehicle into a rolling billboard. Our selection of Vehicle Decals Dallas Texas is one of the innovative additions to our inventory with a huge range of products to choose from! We offer a host of customizable stickers. Whatever kind of vehicle you drive, we have a custom decal just for you. There are many different types of car decals available including– racing stripes, flames, stars, bubbles, tree branches, flowers, flying birds, crawling lizards, sports themes, patriotic designs, cartoons, characters, logos, flags and so many more – and many of them can be customized to fit exactly what you want.

  • Vehicle Decal - Sigh Assign
    Vehicle Decal
  • Vehicle Magnets - Sign Assign
    Vehicle Magnets
  • Windows Film - Sign Assign
    Windows Film
  • Window Decals - Sign Assign
    Window Decals
  • Window Wrap - Sign Assign
    Window Wrap

Window Graphics

Window films are perforated window signs that allow you to advertise your business. The films are available in two grades: 50/50 and 65/35. The former is used for car films that advertise on windows, these are especially popular of the rear/hood windows. Also, the 50/50 films are intentionally not fully opaque due to the drivers need for visibility. The 65/35 films are used on storefront windows and provide for full-length graphics on any windows. With this sign, you could attract viewers with the showcasing your best product right on the windows! They are of use to anyone and everyone and have shown great progress in businesses. Our company has placed various wraps for companies such as Total Nutrition, Lal-Qila Restaurant, and more! You can view these fantastic window films in our gallery. Not only do we cover storefronts, but also cars. These signs can spice up any window. Car windows can be decorated to attract of drivers everywhere.