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Sign Assign – Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to Sign Assign and any affiliated companies associated with Sign Assign. It outlines the terms of a legal agreement between you and the company (Sign Assign). By accessing, browsing, surfing, viewing, and using the content on the website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and have agreed to comply with all the terms and applicable laws, rules, and regulations. 

If you don’t wish to agree to the terms, don’t use this website for any purpose. You must go through the terms carefully and know that Sign Assign reserves the right to amend the policy at any point in time without any prior notice. Any amendments shall come into immediate effect upon posting. 

The company can collect your computer hardware/software information, including IP addresses, browsers, domain, web access, etc. The information collected is only used for operational purposes and improving the services of Sign Assign. We strive to keep your information safe through physical and technological means. 

Personal Information 

Please note that we don’t collect any personally identifiable information unless you decide to provide it yourself by filling out the information box on our website. You may choose to browse the website without supplying any information. However, do keep in mind that we collect the information you provide when you choose to contact us for more information.

You can supply the information through our website or third-party channels. The data provided includes, but is not limited to, name, date of birth, email address, contact number, address, and more. The information provided is used to cater to your queries and develop products, services, or programs. 

We also gather non-identifiable information such as web log information, device and software data, carrier information for everyone visiting our website. The information is used internally to analyze trends and help us in improving our services. 

We may share your information with our affiliations who perform certain services on our behalf. We reserve the right to disclose your information with legal and regulatory bodies or comply with a judicial order. 

Content Usage and Copyright 

Except stated, copyrights on all materials present on the website are owned by Sign Assign, including, but not limited to, graphic images, video, audio, text, and HTML codes. We don’t allow the copying, reproduction, republishing, posting, or distribution of any content present on the website without prior approval. 

You may download, display, or print one copy of the content present on the website solely for personal and non-commercial use on a single device. It is important to note that you may not, in any way, modify the material, and the copyrights and trademarks are to remain intact. The permission to download, display or print for personal or non-commercial use expires as soon as you violate the Agreement. 

Please be warned that any unauthorized use of the content on the website may violate copyright, trademark, and privacy laws. You can be subject to fines and penalties according to the regulations and statutes 

We may provide links to other third-party websites and services through our content. However, we are not responsible for any material listed on those websites or their privacy statements or practices. 

Cookie Usage 

Please note that our website uses cookies. They are small text files of information that hold essential data regarding your visit to our platform. Cookies don’t provide us with personally identifiable information unless you provide it yourself. Cookies are unique to your device. We use cookies to understand the user journey and improve our content, product offerings, and services.


We take your privacy and security very seriously and undertake reasonable measures to protect your information from unauthorized use. We will take steps to prevent any unwanted and unauthorized advances towards your information. The information provided is stored in a secure web server operated and managed by Sign Assign or a third-party performing the services on our behalf. 

Even with a secure and reliable website, the confidentiality of any information you may provide that is transferred or communicated via the internet can be read by third parties. Unencrypted data is the most vulnerable and can be easily accessed by third parties. We recommend exercising caution while transmitting sensitive information through the web. You hereby acknowledge that the use of the internet and this website is solely at your own risk. 


The Agreement mentioned above comes into effect the moment you visit the website. All prior agreements, whether written or oral, regarding the subject matter on the website are void and null in the presence of this agreement. Any changes and waivers to this agreement will only be effective if provided in writing and signed by Sign Assign. 

Contact Us  

Any grievances or complaints about information processing should be addressed to Sign Assign in writing to the following contact email: Grievances shall be redressed as expeditiously as possible. 


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