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There is no better way to get your message across than to have big, bold banners.

Digital Printed Banners

There is no better way to get your message across than to have big, bold banners. Sign Assign in Dallas can help you design custom banners for any need. We are your source for banners in the USA.

Banner is very effective tool for businesses. It’s cheap and low cost makes marketing campaigns affordable. Banners can be used for many purposes. Launching a new product, a promotion, a sale or an event you attends or hosts, a custom banner can help spread your marketing message to masses.

Also, our banners are used for decorating personal parties or events such as housewarming, homecomings, birthdays, etc. Our banners can also be used for specialized applications like billboards and monument signs. They can be either front lit or back lit material. We offer Mesh banner material as well which is used in windy areas or if big banners that need air to pass through it.

Banner installation is easy, grommets or eyelets are provided on every banner. Options to have tape, pole pockets, Velcro, rope etc. are also available. Our most popular banner is the block out banner available in 10, 13, 15 and 17 oz. thickness.

We can make banners of any size to suit any special, occasion, or event. Our banners are made of vinyl and are available in different specifications to suit the application. We use wide format printing technology so colorful images and text can be printed directly on the banner. We can print one or two-sided banners.

Safety Signs

Safety Signs - Sign Assign

Safety Signs

Safety signs in general and specially at work place are very essential. OSHA compliance and keeping the staff safe on the job is a priority for all businesses. Sign Assign can supply and install safety signs to keep your workplace safe and compliant.

Window Graphics

Window films are perforated window signs that allow you to advertise your business.

Window Films

Window films are perforated window signs that allow you to advertise your business. The films are available in two grades: 50/50 and 65/35. The former is used for car films that advertise on windows, these are especially popular of the rear/hood windows. Also, the 50/50 films are intentionally not fully opaque due to the drivers need for visibility. The 65/35 films are used on storefront windows and provide for full-length graphics on any windows. With this sign, you could attract viewers with the showcasing your best product right on the windows! They are of use to anyone and everyone and have shown great progress in businesses. Our company has placed various wraps for companies such as Total Nutrition, Lal-Qila Restaurant, and more! You can view these fantastic window films in our gallery. Not only do we cover storefronts, but also cars. These signs can spice up any window. Car windows can be decorated to attract of drivers everywhere.

Window Wrap

These are solid film sheets that can wrap the full length of your windows in amazing graphics. This not only attracts customers but also allows for privacy due to the wrap being 100% opaque. No need for boring plain paper covers when you can advertise your products and promotions on your windows! This optimizes your storefront and gives a vibrant finish. If we’re talking business, then window wraps are perfect for you. Whether it is a shipping store or a restaurant, window wraps can provide a tint and amazing finish to your look. Just like in the home, these films keep the interior cool and save you money!

Window Decals

Window Decals can be placed on vehicles, storefront windows, and much more! Not only can you print company logos and information, we can help you design themed decals or car decals. These signs will enhance the look of any business and make your life easier. For instance, with a new business without a storefront, you need to advertise! You can make car decals and place them on the rear window to advertise your business. Also at a storefront, you must have your business hours, location, etc. on the door and perhaps your services on the windows. There is a myriad of possibilities with Sign Assign, don’t ever hesitate to call and receive a quote no matter what the sign. Window Decals can be used for events, promotions, car advertisement, decoration, and much more!

Vehicle Graphics

Sign Assign offer Vehicle Decals Dallas Texas for all your needs.

Vehicle Decals

Sign Assign offer Vehicle Decals Dallas Texas for all your needs. Get a huge variety of Bright, colorful, Ready-to-apply Custom Vehicle Decals Dallas Texas to turn your vehicle into a rolling billboard. Our selection of Vehicle Decals Dallas Texas is one of the innovative additions to our inventory with a huge range of products to choose from! We offer a host of customizable stickers. Whatever kind of vehicle you drive, we have a custom decal just for you. There are many different types of car decals available including– racing stripes, flames, stars, bubbles, tree branches, flowers, flying birds, crawling lizards, sports themes, patriotic designs, cartoons, characters, logos, flags and so many more – and many of them can be customized to fit exactly what you want.

Vehicle Magnets

Sign Assign offers Vehicle Magnets to Dallas, Texas to promote your product without applying permanent graphics to your vehicle. Showcase your company logo, phone number, website, and marketing message with a custom Vehicle Magnets in Dallas Texas by applying it to your car door or bumper. Pull business your way with custom Vehicle Magnets Dallas Texas with Sign Assign. Apply the Vehicle Magnets sign to your vehicle’s door or tailgate and remove and reuse as often as you need! Vehicle Magnets Dallas Texas for cars, trucks & other vehicle are the most affordable, effective forms of advertising for any business. Sign Assign vehicle magnets are made in custom sizes that fit perfectly in the space available on your vehicle and each vehicle magnet can be custom printed with images, logos, and contact information.

Our vehicle magnets are thicker than the industry standard for maximum visibility and durability. We offer Best prices on Vehicle Magnets Dallas Texas. Our signs are the best in the business and you can’t get better quality magnets cheaper.

Sign Assign’s Vehicle Magnets are high-quality magnets that are printed digitally with UV curable inks to ensure you have durable, long lasting product.

Vehicle Magnet - Sign Assign

Wide Format Printing

Event Signs are used for promoting and organize a successful event.

Event Signs

Event Signs are used for promoting and organize a successful event. Sign Assign has helped many event organizers with their event signage needs. Pre-event signs are helpful to announce and bring the crowd to the event. A directional sign helps attendees to reach and navigate through the event.

Events Signs - Sign Assign
Menu Board - Sign Assign

Menu Boards

Menu Boards are used in Restaurants and fast food outlets. We custom design the menu boards. Contemporary style, old tavern look or basic lighted or non-lighted menu boards are manufactured at Sign Assign. We can also make Magnetic menu boards changers and backlit films. New varieties are added all the times in menu and prices change all the time in the restaurant. To change the whole menu boards is expensive and cumbersome to the owner. We make the boards that are easy to change and are economical.

POP Signs

POP Signs or Point of Purchase Signs is the signs we see at the checkout counters. The POP Signs entice customers to buy things at the last minute. Most popular items are candies and other stuff which are commonly not on the shopping list of groceries. They are also used to announce a new promotion, a new movie or remind customers to sign up for a sweepstake at the end of their shopping. It has been proven that POP Signs contribute 35% of the total sale.


Here at Sign Assign, we can help you bring your design to life! Whether you are trying to message your employees, customers, guests at an occasion, posters are a great way to be noticeable. Make everyone aware of your latest product, advertise your big occasion around town, or get something printed off for your bedroom wall. Sign Assign offers poster printing in a wide range of sizes, from the A3 to the very big 60 x 40! Here, any size is printable!

Product Label Stickers

Sign Assign can make label stickers for any product. We have exclusive designs and styles which are extremely great for labeling food jars, cosmetics, lip balm, gift boxes, soaps, even candles! Our custom product label stickers can be created in any size or shape of your choice, design in minutes and receive in as soon as possible, make an order in any quantity. Upload your logo and design your label stickers with our professional team.

Real Estate & Construction Signs - Sign Assign

Real Estate & Site Signs

Sign Assign is here to help your real estate business evolve. We design and manufacture eye-catching and professional real estate and site signs. We fully aware that builders and real estate agents rely solely on signs and graphics to communicate with their potential home purchasers.

Here, we have a wide array of real estate and site signs that will help your efforts and we ensure our signs will make your properties and sites stand out. With your choice of real estate and site signs, Sign Assign is here to help you plan well-coordinated graphics that will show your image of professionalism, communicate vital information to passersby and generate interest from prospective buyers in no time.

LED Message Boards

Have your message in all of the places it needs to be with colorful LED Message Boards from Sign Assign. Whether you want to get your shop noticed or advertise your business, LED Message Boards can attract lots of attention. Display opening times, special offers, and more to generate interest and communicate your message. Here, our LED Message Boards are customizable and come with a variety of options, including different colors, languages, and scrolling messages. Discover LED Message Boards at Sign Assign and get your business noticed in a blink of an eye.

Frames & Signs

Sign Assign has a broad selection of retractable banner stands & tablecloths, ADA Signs, Standoff Signs, A-Frames and many more.

Retractable Banner Stands & Tablecloth - Sign Assign

Retractable Banner Stands & Tablecloth

Sign Assign has a broad selection of retractable banner stands and tablecloths. Whatever your retractable banner stands and tablecloth needs are, we have you covered!

Our retractable banner stands are quick and easy to assemble, light-weight and come with a carrying case to make them portable. They are the perfect way to express branding messages in a variety of environments. Whether it is an open house or a group presentation our retractable banner stands are a perfect tool to promote your products. Retractable banner stands are extremely popular with real estate agents, insurance agents, and people who work in sales and marketing.

ADA Signs

Here at Sign Assign, we make purchasing ADA signs so easy and convenient! Sign Assign makes office signs, Braille signs, door signs, directories, handicap accessible signs, building signs and much more with advanced technology. That allows us to make top quality products for less. We deliver quality signage on budget and on time.

The cost-effective way to ensure you are compliant is to work with Sign Assign on your sign project. We are a sign company that focuses on ADA and way-finding signs. With Sign Assign, purchasing of ADA signs is no longer expensive or complicated!

If you need any additional help, contact us now. We will be glad to help you find the best ADA signs to meet your needs.

ADA Sign - Sign Assign
Retractable Banner Stands & Tablecloth - Sign Assign

Standoff Signs

Sign Assign offers a large variety of standoff signs and can effortlessly custom design and create unique signs for your company or business.
We put together three-dimensional lettering and your company logo into acrylic and polished metals to make your standoff sign extraordinary.

If you already know what you want, great! We will certainly bring it to life for you. Even if you need help in designing it, no problem; our artistic service team always ready to help.


Are you looking for a way to capture the attention of anyone walking by? If yes, A-Frames from Sign Assign are your best bet. They are indeed the perfect solution for your needs!

With our frames, you will be blown away the marketing potential as well as the portability and ease of transport these frames have. They are perfect for your salon, restaurant or any other small business storefront as well as special events; pointing attendees in the right direction.

Our frames are designed for either short-term or long-term use and available in various colors, sizes, designs, patterns, styles, and materials, along with sign bundle deals. Here at Sign Assign, you can choose from a plastic frame, iron frame, metal and steel frame, each built to hold out the elements when placed outside.

A-Frames - Sign Assign

Channel Letters

Channel letters project a highly professional image of the business to the public.

Channel letters project a highly professional image of the business to the public. Owners are choosing Sign Assign in the USA to manufacture quality channel letters for their businesses. We design, manufacture, install and service all types of signs, especially channel letter signs. Channel letters can be illuminated by using neon or LED. For the past few years LED illumination has become more popular than neon illumination because of low operational cost. The improvement in LED technology also outperforms neon illumination and consumes very less energy compared to neon signs making it more eco-friendly. Sign Assign can make channel letters in all 50 states in the USA using neon or LED.

Channel letters manufactured by Sign Assign will comply with all city, county and state regulations. We coordinate with HOA and landlord to meet their building Sign Criteria. Whether it is a national chain store, a franchise or a small store owner, at Sign Assign they are treated with respect and we take care of their signage needs. We sell to trade at wholesale pricing starting at $ 4.50 per upright inch.

Neon - Sign Assign

Neon Sign

Neon Signs are very bright and can be made in different shapes and colors. No matter which part of the world you live in, you will see them in action. Whether you want it on top of your building or in front of your store, or at your gas station or inside of your window, Sign Assign can get you covered!

Neon signs, neon lights, neon sculptures, LED Signs, neon clocks, LED scrolling message signs, and changeable letter signs are some of the examples. It tells when stores are open, and whether or not a motel has a vacancy. Just about everyone is familiar with them. Neon Signs are made of small glass tubes filled with neon gas and powered by electricity.

On top of that, we can repair and service broken or not very bright neon signs so they become as bright as new. Looking for LED Signs, apart from Neon Signs? Look no more anywhere else, but here only at Sign Assign. Sign Assign can help you grow your business by using Best Display – LED Signs, LED signs in Dallas Texas. When you are doing business in the Dallas Texas area, contact the leader in the LED Signs in Dallas, Texas.

Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Reverse lit channel letters, reverse channel letters, backlit letters or halo letters are common terms to describe these signs. The main difference between the regular channel letters and reverse lit channel letters is the way it is lighted up. The channel letters are lighted up in front and halo letters are lighted from the back. Reverse lit channel letters are all welded construction. Typically the installation is done by using all thread studs. Spacers are used to keep some distance from the wall so that the light can make an outer-glow, a halo of light on the surface it is attached to. It gives very beautiful effect and adds an artistic touch to the sign.

Reverse Lit - Sign Assign
Cabinet Box Sign - Sign Assign

Cabinet Box Sign

Cabinet box signs are alternatives to channel letters. These signs are comparatively cheaper and are easy to install. The aluminum welded frame makes it very strong and sturdy to last for a long time. It can be made in any shape, size, and design. Make it a pole sign by mounting it on a pole, make it a logo box or storefront sign. Light it up using fluorescent lamps, neon or led or it can be non-illuminated.

Here at Sign Assign, we can manufacture cabinet box signs tailored to your requirement. Fluorescent bulbs of different sizes and neon were commonly used to light up cabinet box signs, both of these were high power consuming ending up in high bills for the businesses. LED technology has provided an alternate for both neon and fluorescent bulbs high electrical consumption. Regular Acrylic faces can be used for smaller signs, for bigger signs polycarbonate faces are recommended as they don’t break and are easy to handle.

Wholesale Channel Letters

Sign Assign produces Wholesale Channel letters, which are manufactured using high-quality material and UL approved parts. We ship anywhere in the USA. We offer customized Wholesale Channel letters, Channel Letters for your business, which are the ideal choice for high profile signage customers.

Wholesale Channel Letter - Sign Assign