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Our Equipment

Our Equipment

Helps our team of professionals for sign service Dallas Texas, sign repair, sign installation equipment.

Every task is accomplished through chain syetem in the process of sign manufacturing. Each department has its own set of duties and timelines. To support our professionals we have provided the latest infrastructure.

We have trained designers that can work on design software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, fireworks, dreamweaver, Flexisign, Coral Draw etc. The installers are Texas state certified, OSHA certified and have several years of experience in the field. Emphasis on QUALITY is one thing that keeps Sign Assign apart from other sign manufacurers. We use quality materials for all our production lines. Vinyl from renowned manufacturers like 3M, OralCal, Arlon and Avery, We use Roland Inks Winner of the DPI 2009 Product of the Year award in the Ink Category, Besides CMYK , Metallic Silver ECO-SOL MAX ink makes it easier and more affordable than ever for you to print true metallic colors for dramatic effect. Featured in VersaCAMM VS printer/cutter, Metallic Silver ECO-SOL MAX can be printed as a spot color for vibrant silver text and graphics or combined with CMYK to create an entire spectrum of metallic hues including gold, bronze and a host of pearlescent colors. This breakthrough silver ink technology delivers high density and enables us to produce premium graphics – from print/cut decals to full wraps. On our Accu-Bend machine we manufacture Channel letters using high-quality aluminum channel letter coil produced by Wrisco, we can make cans in painted, mill or anodized finish and thickness of .032, .040, .050, and .063 in Standard colors like White, Black Red, Blue, Green and Bronze or Custom Paint. Besides that we have Tennsmith bender, Vortech router and all the other necessary equipment needed to manufacture a quality Sign.

Bucket Truck

Bucket Trucks are also known as “Cherry Pcikers”. They are used today by variety of trades. These truck make operations easier and safer. It is a substitute for using ladders which sometimes are riskier. It also facilitates sign installations at places with awning. We have 42′ Bucket truck in our installation equipment . We use it to install the signs, banners, LED Signs, pylons, board displays, box signs, posters, signs, window graphics and channel letters etc. at store fronts, on the buildings, on plyons. Our truck has reachable height of 42′. We also have our own Pick-up trucks, scaffolding and ladders used for doing installations.


Accu-Bend, the first machine in the world to notch, flange and bend complete channel letters. Accu-Bend is recognized as the market-leading channel letter bending machine. We have the Accu-Bend’s cutting-edge technology to make channel letters. The Accu-Bend machine consists of the main machine, a material-feed table for loading full coils of aluminum, and an off load table for supporting the channel letters as they are being bent. Weighing about 800 pounds, the solid welded steel machine handles .040 (and .063 with an available option) gauge material and can produce single-piece letters, shapes and logos up to 15 feet tall.


Simply import .DXF files, and your channel letters are created.The Accu-Bend can feed up to 12 inches per second. When it’s time to switch to a new project requiring a different width return, coil heights can be changed in under a minute.
We use Accu-Bend to cut, flange and bend complete channel letters. We make more letters in less time giving you the earliest possible deliveries with complete perfection. We sell wholesale to the trade that gives very competitive edge to the small businesses. For more information on this product visit: www.computerizedcutters.com

Roland Printer

Wide Format Printer, Roland Printer – VS640 with Metallic and White Ink produces a distinctive effect on all sorts of digitally printed signs, posters, banners, displays, vehicle graphics, window graphics etc. It gives us higher density print for the smoothest, most consistent coverage and more reflective results on the medium of your choice. It is durable both indoors and outdoors. Get luminous prints with Roland Printer with Metallic Ink that is sure to increase your retail. It supports sharp texts and gives fine detailing to graphics leaving you with sharp digital prints and well defined colors.


What more? It is also less scratch resistant than regular prints. Get outstanding print quality with high level gloss and brilliance with Roland Printer with Metallic Ink.

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