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Channel Letters

Channel letters project a highly professional image of the business to the public. Owners are choosing Sign Assign in Dallas, Texas to manufacture quality channel letters for their businesses. We design, manufacture, install and service all types of signs, especially channel letter signs.  Channel letters can be illuminated by using neon or LED. For the past few years LED illumination has become more popular than neon illumination because of low operational cost. The improvement in LED technology also outperforms neon illumination and consumes very less energy compared to neon signs making it more eco friendly. Sign Assign can make channel letters in Dallas using neon or LED.


Channel letters manufactured by Sign Assign will comply with all city, county and state regulations. we coordinate with HOA and landlord to meet their building Sign Criteria. Whether it be a national chain store, a franchise or a small store owner, at Sign Assign they are treated with respect and we take care of their signage needs. We sell to trade at wholesale pricing starting at $ 4.50 per upright inch.

Neon Sign

Neon Signs are very bright and can be made in different shapes and colors. No matter which part of the world you live in, you will see them in action. On top of a building, in front of a store, at a gas station or inside a window.  Neon signs, neon lights, neon sculptures, LED Signs, neon clocks, LED scrolling message signs, and changeable letter signs are some of the examples. It tell us when stores are open, and whether or not a motel has a vacancy. Just about everyone is familiar with then. Neon Signs are made of small glass tubes filled with neon gas and powered by electricity.
The biggest disadvantage of Neon Signs is that they break very easily. If you have broken neon signs or they are not very bright. we can repair and service them so they become as bright as new. Looking for LED Signs Dallas Texas, apart from Neon Signs Dallas Texas? Look no more anywhere else, but here only at Sign Assign.  Sign Assign Dallas, Texas can help you grow your business by using Best Display – LED Signs Dallas Texas, LED signs in Dallas Texas. When you are doing business in the Dallas Texas area, contact the leader in the LED Signs in Dallas Texas.

Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Reverse lit channel letters, reverse channel letters , backlit letters or halo letters are common terms to describe these signs. The main difference between the regular channel letters and reverse lit channel letters is the way it is lighted up. the channel letters are lighted up in front and halo letters are lighted from the back. Reverse lit channel letters are all welded construction. Typically the installation is done by using all thread studs. Spacers are used to keep some distance from the wall so that the light can make an outer-glow, a halo of light on the surface it is attached to. It gives very beautiful effect and add an artistic touch to the sign.

Cabinet Box Signs

Cabinet box signs are alternatives to channel letters. These signs are comparitively cheaper and are easy to install. The aluminum welded frame makes it very strong and sturdy to last for long time. It can be made in any shape, size and design. Make it a pole sign by mounting it on a pole, make it a logo box or store front sign. Light it up using flourescent lamps, neon or led or it can be non-illuminated. Sign Assign can manufacture cabinet box signs tailored to your requirement.  Fluorescent bulbs of different sizes and neon were commonly used to light up cabinet box signs, both of these were high power consuming ending up in high bills for the businesses. LED technology has provided an alternate for both neon and fluorescent bulbs high electrical consumption. Regular Acrylic faces can be used for smaller signs, for bigger signs polycarbonate faces are recommended as they don’t break and are easy to handle.

Monument & Pylon Signs

Monument and Pylon Signs play very important role in attracting the customers. Driving on a road and looking for a place to stay overnight or feeling hungry, trying to find somewhere to eat. Motel or Restaurant sign by the road will get that customer. It is a proven fact that businesses with monument and pylon signs do more sales than the businesses that dont have those signs. It can be for a single business or a multibusiness sign.

Wholesale Channel Lettters

Sign Assign Dallas, Texas produce Wholesale Channel letters Dallas Texas which are manufactured using quality material and UL approved parts. We ship to anywhere in US. Sign Assign Dallas, Texas is a manufacturer of Wholesale Channel letters Dallas Texas, Channel Letters Dallas Texas. We offer customized Wholesale Channel letters Dallas Texas, Channel Letters Dallas Texas for your business ideal excellent choice for high profile signage clients. When you are doing business in the Dallas Texas area, contact the leaders – Wholesale Channel letters Dallas Texas.